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'Michigan' is a quilt that was commissioned by Vicki Carpenter of Chicago, IL. ‘Michigan' is the name of a women's music festival that has been occurring in Hart, Michigan each August for 30 years. Vicki has attended this music festival for the last ten years. She has a special group of friends she meets there each year. The friends have created many traditions for themselves within the festival. Each year the festival staff make a quilt representing the festival and raffles it off. Vicki has longed to win this quilt but after hundreds of raffle tickets she never has. Taking matters into her own hands she saw an ad for my quilting services and called me up to commission this piece. Vicki started to describe the festival to me and I had to stop her because I knew all about it. I too have been attending the festival on and off for ten years. Vicki and I have camped near one another but had never met. Last year, I exhibited my art at that festival and unveiled this piece. It measures 24x36”. It has instruments, puppets, dancers, drummers and a few special animals included in hand-dyed and commercial fabrics as well as thousands of yards of thread. The tree woman was my special touch.
These are examples of the 14 stations of the cross quilts that hang at St. Ann's in Chicago. Each quilt is 20" x 30". The figures are made on silk fabric embellished with thousands of yards of thread. (Click picture to enlarge)

These were the samples that I presented to get the commission for St. Ann's church in Chicago.

Owner: Inspired Artisans, 14x24", Station of the Cross #14

Dinner Party