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Miles of Memories, where your quilting funds charity quilts
If you like this website design visit Circore where you can view many examples of fantastic design by Circore Creative and Circore Business Solutions.
Jane Dunnewold is an inspirational artist and teacher. Check out her books Complete Cloth and Improvisational Screen Printing.
Nancy Crow is who inspired Denise Cawley to become a quilt artist. The major comeback in quilting can be credited to the work Crow did to make the art form be taken seriously. She instigated the Quilt National at the Dairy Barn and was the first quilt artist to have a one person show at the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery.
Jinny Beyer is an award winning quilt artist who uses geometric tessellations to design incredible quilts. Check out the free quilt tips on her site.
Johnston is an expert fabric dyer. She is the author of several books everyone should have in their library.
Walker is a wonderful quilter and his site is the link to every quilt site imaginable. His list of links includes hundreds of art quilt references in alphabetical order. Frequently he features a new quilt artist in his online gallery.

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Contemporary Cloth: Contemporary fabrics for interior design, residential and office needs, wearables and quilting. We carry handmade textiles by several artists, vintage and reproduction retro looks, modern, contemporary textiles and art note cards.

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In the late 1970s artists were using fabric to create works that were pieced, layered, stitched and stuffed. These works were "quilts" by virtue of their structure, although they were intended to be viewed on a vertical plane. The original designs and use of innovative techniques and color combinations made them unacceptable to the organizers of traditional quilt shows who were most interested in beautifully crafted bedcovers with recognizable patterns. The only exhibit opportunities for these artists were in mixed media fiber shows alongside baskets and weavings until the Quilt National was created. Visit this site to understand the history behind the current art quilt movement.
The International Quilt Study Center holds a collection of historic quilts unlike any on earth. In April 1997, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln announced that Robert and Ardis James were donating their collection of over 900 quilts to the university. The Jameses also pledged their financial support to create a center that encourages scholarship and nurtures the appreciation of quilts as art and cultural history.
If you have never seen it, find out when the quilt will be in a community near you. It will be an experience you'll never forget. This organization uses The AIDS Memorial Quilt to bring an end to AIDS. Seeing it in person illustrates the enormity of the AIDS epidemic.
Artists, teachers, writers, collectors and shop owners, and who view quilts as an exciting emerging medium of expression and a viable contemporary art form formed this group.

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The studios of Michelle and Nathaniel Stitzlein are a whimsical place to discover.

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